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Pat Henman Wins Song of the Year at the Kootenay Music Awards

The Kootenay Music Awards

Pat Henman, winner Song of the Year (right) for Movin’ On.

The song, Movin’ On, from my debut album, SOLO, won Song of the year, March 31, 2012. The event was so well organized, thanks to Chad at Quickshot and Kootenay Co-op Radio. The song was written by my friend Janet MacEwen and her friend, Liz Tansey, both of Toronto. I recorded their song in the summer of 2011 in Nelson BC. I had to  make a decision on what to enter to the contest because I love so many songs of the cd – it was a tough call. I should have entered Album of the Year.

I was in awe to win and to be included with such a diverse group of artists. I am so thrilled to have my award sitting on my fireplace mantle. Thanks to everyone who voted! Now to get ready to do some summer festivals – onward and upward!Cheers.


Interview with EZ Rock This interview is from November 2011. Plus CBC Radio has agreed to accept the CD for national play – very exciting for me. I will post what shows it has been disctributed as soon as I know. Cheers; big snow in Nelson today.

CBC has distributed it nationally so it could be played anywhere! Keep an ear out and let me know if you hear it. Thanks to the friends who have already told me they did.

December 2011

As 2011 comes to an end I wanted to look back and say how thankful I am for the good fortune I have had. As a singer I was blessed to release my first album with songs I am honoured to sing, and musicians I count myself lucky to play with. It was an amazing experience. I am currently looking at summer festivals to play and to have the cd reviewed for national exposure. I will be featured in the spring in an INDIE online magazine Rising Magazine – that is exciting.

Videos of the latest concert in Nelson can be viewed on youtube check out my first compositions, Closer, co-written with Carol Street   plus three more videos. Movin’ On, written by my friend Janet MacEwen, and Liz Tansey, was a show stopper!

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for your support.

CD on sale, itunes and

Thoughts on Concert at Finleys Nov 25

The cd release concert has happened. I took two days completely off any other work – did not rehearse with the band – I took good care of myself, listened to the music over and over again, checked certain harmonies and basically got mentally prepared to front a 7 piece band.

The moment arrived and I am happy to say I wasn’t overwhelmed with fear and nerves. I did a lot of relaxing and breathing – which I am fully trained in from my theatre background – and focusing on the music and my goal of everyone having a good time. From reviews so far, the fun was accomplished.

I want to thank a great band that had faith in me, wanted to be there, were so generous during the show. The audience for coming (nice big house) and dancing and clapping and asking for more! How great does that make a performer feel?!! The best!

Photos and video to come soon. CD’s at, iTunes and

Thanks to everyone for buying cd’s. I hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thanks to Finley’s for their support and help to make the event a success.

Now to get the music out to the “world”! Here we go!

Cheers –

Pat Henman

cd Release Concert rehearsals

The band has been rehearsing for 2 weeks now.  Last night we hit some great moments, it was very exciting to hear the songs come alive with a 7 piece band in the same room. When you record an album and each musician comes in separately, it is hard to get a sense of awe until it is all finished. Last night, as we stood (some sat) in a circle playing and singing as a unit, it felt great.

I have one week today to put all the pieces together. I hope all my friends in Nelson are coming to celebrate the music at Finleys next Friday night. I am so excited that my friend , Kim Adamson, is coming from Vancouver for the concert; yeh, Kim! Another good friend, and writer of Honeymoon’s Over, is trying to come from Vancouver for the concert also. Come to Nelson, Anthony!

Band members-

Sydney Galbraith, Rick Lingard, Darren Mahe, Steve parish, Jesse Lee, Danille Corbin, Tim Bullen and special guest, Carol Street. – and me.

Digital Downloads at cd for sale at concert.

Hope to see you next week! Tickets at Finleys and Otter Books – 250-352-5121.

Two free downloads – Movin’ On and Honeymoons Over

Hi Everyone

Please enjoy these two free downloads.


Pat Henman

Pat Henman SOLO

My page at cd Baby is at Click here and go directly for digital downloads.

04 Movin’ On

Honeymoon’s Over is the first song off the album to get national play. It is written by an old friend of mine, Rant, from Toronto.

Right click and open in new tab.

CD Gone to Press

That is it. The CD has left the building. John and I can’t make any more changes or improvements. It is done. Amazing. Eighteen months later and all that music will come to me in a big box in two weeks, wrapped in cellophane. Ready to sell at the concert. I just can’t believe that is it! To put all that time , energy and so many people’s talent, into a little flat package. Ah well, that is what it was about, create a piece of art. I feel good about it.

The cd is up on cdBaby, it should be live soon. Plus, I am uploading it to VibeDeck through Facebook for sale.

It’s funny, someone asked me the other day if I was thinking about a second album and I said no, too much work and I am no spring chicken anymore, to which he replied, “it’s like having a baby, in two years you’ll feel differently”. I thought that was funny. I won’t be having any more babies either!