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Our family has a new cd out! Edge of Henman: 10 Kids 10 Songs website is All original songs. Proceeds are donated to MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Check it out! The updated current email for music is Edge of Heaven: 10 Kids, 10 Songs

I was born in Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia in 1958. My parents already had 8 children, so one more wouldn’t make a difference I guess. Two years later they had child number 10; that is when they finally called it quits. We had a large home, from what I recall, with a lot of land.

When I was 5 my parents bought my grandparents home in Waverley, Nova Scotia, and we moved to a much smaller home. I remember my mom singing all the time around the house. She always had the radio on listening to Jim Reeves or Hank Snow. My dad loved music also. He could play instruments by ear, amazing; piano, guitar, fiddle. I was in awe of both of them.

We would have huge reunions with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. There would be so much music with lots of harmony.

My brother Jim, and our neighbor Myles Goodwin, started a band (a few actually, I think) , Woody’s Termites. They would practice in our living room and other places. When I was 10, Jim and Myles left Nova Scotia with my two cousins, David and Ritchie Henman, and went to Montreal to start a band, April Wine.

My sister, Jeannie Beks, has also sung for her entire life. I remember her singing at so many local events in Waverley and then in Halifax. Jean and I do not sing together as much as we’d like, although we have had a few special moments. Jeannie, also a song writer,  has released 3 cd’s over the years , of beautiful traditional Celtic and folk, jazz and original Christmas songs.

I was always dreaming of being a singer and an actor. I would stand in front of the television, put Barbra Streisand on the record player, and sing my heart out. I will still do that if I ever have an empty space and my kids don’t have to tell me to be quiet!

When I was in my teens I sang at weddings, performed in school plays, in the church choir, any chance I got. My sisters and I would sing together: if there was a chance to perform I grabbed it. I studied theatre for acting at Dalhousie University and soon found out that to make a living in Canada as an actress you better be versatile. My mother paid for vocal training at Halifax Music Conservatory and I continued private classes with David Dunbar in Toronto and Patricia Dahlquist in Vancouver. I began auditioning for musical theatre and between straight acting and musicals I made a decent living for about 9 years.

In 1989 I went to Dawson City, Yukon, to perform at the historic Palace Grande theatre. I did not leave Dawson til 2000. I met my husband, Larry Vezina in Diamond Tooth Gerties that summer of “89. We got married, opened a B & B, produced the shows at both venues for several years, and had three beautiful children. In 2000 we decided a change was needed so we moved to Nelson. A beautiful mountain arts town snuggled in southern BC.

At the age of 52, my children all grown up (almost) I decided it was time to pursue a dream I have always had: record my own cd. This is a chance of a lifetime for me. I even wrote one song for the project, which shocks me, but I am also elated.

I hope you will enjoy the music!

Pat receiving the Special Citation for her Outstanding Contributions to Arts, Culture and Heritage to the City of Nelson, BC, Dec 2018, by Mayor John Dooley and Council. #cityofnelson


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