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May 2019

May 3, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I have not written in a while – but I have! I have been writing a book. My first. It is my story from June 9, 2013 with a little of who I was before that day and who I am today. It is about what a life changing experience can do to a person’s soul: how does one survive not only the physical trauma but the emotional and the financial. They end up all mixed up in a messy ball.

I am thinking of different ways to present the story – is it just a straight fact story, is it an inside look at a medical patient who almost didn’t make it but did, is it part of my life as an artist and how it affected every single thing I did after that day? Should it be a play, should it have music, should it be just read or should it be experienced?

I think it should have all of these elements and I have given myself the goal and the challenge to succeed – hard work, folks!

Keep coming back and I wish post updates.

I have begun the journey of re-living the past but also describing to you, the audience, the cost of surviving.


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