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September 17, 2014

Hey everyone

i did not even think this site still works. I added a comment about singing last week and figured I must still be able to post. The past 15 months have changed my life indescribably. I feel I had just put my foot forward to kickstart a second career in the arts when suddenly it was stopped dead in the road, literally. My daughter and I were hit head on by a drunk driver. We both survived. Miracles. We will never be what we were, but we are both getting back into life, the game of life. So much as happened and this music blog is not the place to write it but I will say this. Music continues to give me great joy. I could not listen to music for months after the accident. It all irritated me. Then one day, six months after the mva, i was allowed home on afternoon passes, and I suddenly felt like listening to Steve Perry, Journey, so I put him o . It raised me up.  Thank you Journey. It brought music back to me. Now i use it to lift me up constantly.

I will learn to sing again. It will take patience but I am determined.

cheers everyone and keep smiling

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  1. Hi Pat, I was just in Nelson yesterday plus today, when I read about your story in the local Nelson paper (while at the Outer clove). It struck a chord with me as my mother was also in a severe, Head-On Smash in the Okanagan almost 2 years before your accident. Yes she survived, but it has had a huge toll on her, due to severe mva injuries/pain, and also , on all of us….who are trying to help her .
    (Someone missed his stop sign altogether, and smashed head-on into my mother as a result.)
    I have had to delay my career etc, to try to help my mother.

    I started blogging recently, as I can not go back to a 9 to 5 until I help her out a bit more…..i keep having to fly between australia and canada to try to help mom, post-mva. It is very frustrating, to say the least.

    By the way, my blog is called Pain Matters (in wordpress).

    I hope you can get back to singing again soon!
    I would love to meet you for a coffee next time I visit Nelson , maybe in January.
    Have you considered writing a book about your life, pre and post mva?
    Or maybe it is better for you to focus on healing….
    Take care

    • Thanks for your note Sabina. I would be happy to have coffee with you when you are back in Nelson. I am very sorry to hear about your Mom. Happy to hear you can take care of her but realize it is something no one foresees and therefore is a strain. Connect back to me before you return to Nelson.

      • Hi Pat, I just got this message today. Thanks and I will let you know beforehand! Have a nice day! Sabina

    • Hello Sabina
      I am back to singing! How is your mother?
      Pat Henman

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