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First concert

October 18, 2011

My first cd release concert was Sunday October 16 at my sister Joan’s house. It was packed with 48 friends and family members. So much fun! A really big Maritime kitchen party, where we had to drag them into the living room for formal entertainment – not really but kind of!

My 2 brothers, Jim and Paul, played live guitar to the recorded instrumental non-guitar tracks and my sister Jean sang back ups, the same way. It worked beautifully! I can never thank them enough for their support, time and talent that went into making this a special event for me.

My sister Joan MacLeod, who has not sung solo in many years, opened the set with Adele’s “Lovesong” – could not have been more wonderful. Then, my other sister, Jeannie Beks, sang 2 of her own compositions which pretty well left everyone weeping.

Two songs on my album, Stones and Say, written by brother Jim, and cousin David, had tears flowing also. It was so special to look out in the audience of people who love you and feel the love radiate through the walls and floors surrounding us. I want all the songwriters to know how much their work was appreciated.

Thanks to Joan and Steve MacLeod for opening their house for me; to Natalie and Vanessa for being the best Bar-misfits ever!!

I had 50 pre-release cd’s pressed just for this event – I have four left in my possession, and I haven’t left yet! I am so thrilled.

To all my friends and family who came, thank you, for cheering us on, for buying a cd, and just for being you. My heart was pretty full by evening’s end.

As a side note, my Dalhousie Theatre Reunion was the Friday and Saturday –  that was pretty awesome also. So this weekend will go down in my journal as an A+.

Now to get ready for Nelson, Nov 25.


Halifax, Nova Scotia

October 18, 2011


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