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Oct 16

October 11, 2011

I have been rehearsing like a mad person for 2 weeks now, upstairs in our family home, driving everyone insane I think. No one has actually said that but you always wonder…..

Anyway, I am feeling pretty darn good about the house concert at my sister, Joanie’s, next weekend. My 2 brothers, Jim and Paul, have been working away at getting the live guitar ready, thank God for them. It has been an interesting process, sending all the tracks to them from British Columbia to rehearse with, and then the guitar tracks and all vocal including backups, will be taken out of the mix and done live at the concert. It will be pretty cool. My sister, Jeannie Beks, will sing backups for me.

It looks like a full house too! Yeh! Thanks to all my friends for coming out. Of course, I do have 9 siblings, with spouses and how many dozen of nieces, nephews and cousins, so 50 people count up fast.

The wild ride is getting faster! I leave tomorrow for Halifax and I will let you know how it goes.




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