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October 1, 2011

The cd is getting closer to being in a stage of fine listening. Sometimes I feel “wait, where did 14 months go, and what do I do now?” I spoke with John Tucker, this morning about this, and it is like any other major part of your life, when it is over, there is a hole to fill. The hole is a bit big right now. I keep singing, rehearsing for the October 16 house concert, and that is something, but not the same as working out the harmonies, developing melody lines, fine tuning phrasing, etc.

Halifax is getting a special pressing run of 50 cd’s so I can have them in time. There will be something a little different on the artwork, just to make those cd’s stand out from the regular run – friends and family in Nova Scotia, you have to wait to see what that will be.

My biggest challenge is developing a website. Did I know I was supposed to be an IT wiz also? No. And I am not and  not going to be. Simple is best, as they say. But promote we must do, so website there will be.

The band for the Nov 25 Nelson concert is coming together also. We have Sydney, Rick and Steve Parish signed on. Just finalizing bass, guitar and keyboards – maybe trumpet, don’t know yet. And then, what the heck, enter it in a couple of music award categories and see what happens.


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