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Singing and Harmony

September 10, 2011

You would never think that singing in a room with just one other person would be harder than singing in a room with 500 people. Each time before I went into record I prepared to the point that I thought, maybe I am over-preparing, over-thinking. Then when I got in front of the microphone, it is not as spontaneous as it could be. I wonder if thinking too much about how you want to sound becomes a burden, not a benefit. I leave that open for discussion.

One of my favorite things is working with the musicians, be part of the creative process with them. Some of the musicians came in knowing the direction but were completely open to flying in the wind, no determined direction. That was cool.

Singing backups and creating the harmonies with Jude Davison and Sydney Gailbraith was the most fun. Sydney and I sat in her basement, hoping her 4 week old could do without her mommy for a bit; we made terrible noise trying to connect chords or make interesting lines with the melody; when it gels, it sounds great. Those are awesome moments.

As a kid, my three sisters, Judy, Joanie and Jeannie, and I would sing harmonies together. My fondest memory is singing Joy to the World in our kitchen back in Waverley, Nova Scotia. I know we did lots of others but that one really sticks out. I am so happy my parents encouraged music in our home on a daily basis. My brother Jim, would set up whatever band he was playing with at the time, and rehearse in our living room. With 10 children/siblings already in the house and the living room being taken over with musical equipment on Saturdays, and lots of noise, you can imagine there had to be a love of music in my home.



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