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September 6, 2011

I always thought it would be so hard to write a song – especially when I do not write music. Guess what, it is. But with my friend, Carol Street, who always had faith in me, not only as a singer but as a writer, I persevered and wrote a song, Closer. I love the arrangement my producer, John Tucker, has done. Funk with a great horn section.

I live in a small city of 10,000 people, Nelson, BC. For such a small population, you would not believe the talent here. I have been so lucky to have several seasoned musicians play tracks for the cd. Musicians such as Mark Spielman, Paul Landsberg, Rick Lingard, Sydney Galbraith, Steve Tittle, Steve Parish, and James Picton, all living in my back yard and I get to sing to and with, their instruments – so exciting for me.

In my 30 years as a performer, I have been blest with fantastic friends who are also very talented writers and performers. Cathy Elliott’s Doesn’t Take Much breaks my heart each time I sing it or listen to it. Rant’s Honeymoon’s Over is a great dance tune, heavy beat, and such a playful story – it makes me move every time. Whenever I sing Movin’ On by old friend and classmate , Janet MacEwen (co-writer Liz Tansey)  all the cob webs that may be in my head clear immediately: this is a wailing tune! I have to say, Liz Tansey’s Mama’s Lies, hits that emotional string every time; Janet thanks for introducing me to Liz and her talent.

I am also blest with an amazing talented family. Two Juno Hall of Fame winners, brother Jim Henman and cousin David Henman. They have both graciously given me songs to record. David’s song Say was the first song I received when I put the request out to the universe for songs. It was the first song I made a demo of and let my husband listen to. His reaction, “that’s a winner.”

What can I say about Jim; he has been in my corner my whole professional life. I remember my first time being in a recording studio, CBC Music Maritimes. I recorded a song titled “Something About You”, the first song I ever sang of Jim’s. And here we are 30 years later, still singing and loving every minute of it! Stones is a beautiful song.

First to record!

I will put a teaser up soon so you can get a taste of what the cd will sound like. Thanks everyone.


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  1. Rosemary permalink

    OK kid, I’m looking forward to that teaser! Hopr to hear it for your birthday!

    • HI Rosemary, the cd is done! You can hear samples on cb Baby at Pat Henman Solo. It has been some trip. I don’t know if I would do it again….maybe… look forward to hearing from you.

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